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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
Tally's New Broadway Theater at 6th ST. & Broadway.

usc digital archive

Can you imagine what this looked like at night with the exceptional electric signs (especially in 1905).

Below: Amazingly, the Elden Hotel building (1894) to the left of Tally's New Broadway is still there.

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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
Another view of the 1894 Elden Hotel Building in 2005.
It was renovated somewhat in 2007.

Jim Winstead

April 12, 1915 as marked. (10 - or maybe 5 - years after the Tally's photo ) (Three years after the Titanic sank?)

Roosevelt in Africa (1909) at Tally's suggests the Tally's image is from 1909 or 1910. You can wait for it (Tally's) to return or view its main attraction here:

Looks like Silverwoods was next to Tally's and then expanded and annexed Tally's space.

Undated 6th and Broadway

June '28

1937(?) (Eldon and Painless Parker?)

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