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The 320 S Beaudry premises had a very similar design, as can be seen in this photo dating from 1927. The build date near the top of the center section says 1926. The "MUtual 3111" sign is clearly visible.

USC Digital Library
I've just realized that USC's "Cityscape" photo covers this section of S Beaudry. Here's the building above with some of its neighbors. The quality isn't great at this zoom level, but "Tanner Limousines and Parlor Cars" can be seen on the wall, along with "Richfield & Richlube". The "Tanner Motor Livery MUtual 3111" sign can be seen on the roof.

A slightly wider view. The street in the foreground is Fremont Avenue.

Detail from picture in USC Digital Library

I was just about to post this when I noticed some clues to tie up some loose ends. First, take a look at this picture posted by Tourmaline:

Originally Posted by Tourmaline View Post
1931 - 5639 Sunset Blvd

USC Digital Library
Below left is an enlargement of the far right of the picture above. Although the writing isn't legible, it matches the writing on the corner of the building on Fremont Avenue that's directly behind Tanner Motor Livery in the wide view above. That confirms that Tourmaline's picture was taken on S Beaudry. It also means that the portion of the Tanner building to the right of the roof sign (i.e. the part in the picture above) was added between 1927 and 1931, which I think has caused some of the confusion over the location. According to the 1929 CD, the highlighted building is the Irving Hotel at 335 S Fremont Avenue. The building next door is the Ben Hur Apartments at 337 S Fremont Avenue.

Detail of pictures above

Tourmaline also posted this picture of one of Tanner's cars at an unknown location:

Originally Posted by Tourmaline View Post
Both 1931 Unknown locations. "Cain't see? Look here:
It's now clear that the picture above was taken next to the empty lot opposite Tanner's garage. The light-colored building in the top left of the picture below is the Sunnyside Apartments at 318 S Boylston (1929 CD again). Part of the sign is visible at the top of the picture above.

Detail of picture above
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