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Good list. Some stations had names, some had numbers, some had letters. May hold a clue or two regarding the location of various photos, including those with the decorative tiles. For example, Station No. 13 was 5207 Hollywood.

Somewhere in Hollywood

West LA Station was at 1544 Purdue. Could this nondescript storefront have sold stamps during the depression?

1620 N Highland would have been near Max Factor (1666) and across for Hollywood High?


Mail Miscellanea?

Ambassador Hotel (before its demise)

Who says the PO doesn't have a sense of humor?

Celebrating opening of Beverly Hills PO(?)

Mail Bags for the modest?

Mail Order Bride? Handle with care? Special delivery?

Main, Spring and Temple (Plenty of Opportunity for Pedestrian mishaps )

Didn't realize the USPS offered a primitive form of E-mail (Electronic Mail).

1941 - Venice and Motor Ave.

1966 - Downtown LA Courthouse/PostOffice, a natural place for V. War protest (?)


LAPL is often correct, but no body is perfect! (Occasionally the mail gets misdelivered to the Sackett address instead of 1728 Ivar. )

Exterior view of the Sackett Building general store and post office. Building is covered in the front, due to construction of the upper floors

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