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While I was looking at the aerial film I wondered if we'd ever seen the north side of the NBC building on Sunset. This screengrab also shows Carpenter's Drive-in.
When I mentioned Carpenter's Drive-In at Sunset and Vine, it was because I remembered it from previous posts. There are still some great night-time shots in post #8075 and post #8076, but tovangar2's post #14241 has sadly lost its images. Luckily, the links still work. The circular drive-in in the screengrab dates from after its redesign. The picture below is dated 1945.

army arch on Flickr

Here's a menu titled "Harry Carpenter’s Sandwich Stands, Hollywood 1942":

The post by tovangar2 also has a link to the image below, taken in 1932, which shows the original octagonal design. Note the cheaper prices!

Huntington Digital Library

USC has a wider view from the same shoot. Their set also includes three pictures of the serving staff, one of which I've included here.

USC Digital Library

There are two more pictures of Carpenter's from roughly the same era on USC:

I know there were several Carpenter's restaurants (the 1936 CD lists them at 6285 and 6290 Sunset Blvd., 667 S Western Av., 1250 S Vermont Av. and 3201 Wilshire Blvd.). The 1932 picture above includes an invitation to "Visit our barbecue pit at Wilshire and Western".

Detail of image above

I checked out the intersection, and so far this is the only picture of Carpenter's I could find.

USC Digital Library

Is Harry Carpenter's Drive-In open for business here? There's no tower on the roof and the parking lot looks very quiet. I wonder what "Mr. Los Angeles" sold (top left corner).

Detail of image above

Across the street, the Melody Lane Coffee Shop looks considerably busier.

Detail of image above
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