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Originally Posted by Chuckaluck View Post
Gladstone 3111 - A different Hollywood location?
The 1929 CD definitely says the Gladstone number refers to the Tanner Motor Livery's 5639 Sunset Boulevard address:

Tourmaline's first post on Tanner Motor Livery shows a small picture of how 5639 Sunset looks today. Here's a larger version. It's lost some most of its charm, but is still recognizable as the building above. The current tenant is Jem Motor Corp who sell high-end vehicle brands. From their website: "Come take a step in time of old Hollywood in our 1920's Showroom."


The 320 S Beaudry premises had a very similar design, as can be seen in this photo dating from 1927. The build date near the top of the center section says 1926. The "MUtual 3111" sign is clearly visible.

USC Digital Library

USC has a second 1927 photo of the building on Beaudry taken at a different angle - see it here.
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