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Originally Posted by BifRayRock View Post

***It is troublesome that some of the photos show a building that does not appear to be on a corner lot. Instead of Cahuenga Blvd. being east of the building, it looks more like an alley. Was the boulevard widened, or the building expanded beyond its earlier footprint? Text suggests it is the same building, but . . . ?? Different architects are mentioned for the jobs and it is never clear when the building went from the Sackett moniker to the Creque name.
It looks like both the Guaranty Building and part of the Hotel Knickerbocker are visible in the background of the first picture, which would mean the post office was on Vine Street just north of Hody's (or whatever it was called at the time). Here are a couple of screengrabs from the 1940s aerial film I mentioned a few pages back. If I'm right, the post office building is the one to the right of Hotel Knickerbocker (complete with an extension at the rear).

Here's the front of the building (bottom right corner). At first I had trouble reading text on the fascia, but now I believe it says "Airport Ground School". The 1942 CD lists Airport Ground School Inc. just south of Hollywood Blvd at 1680 Vine, so they didn't have far to move.

That site is now occupied by The Redbury boutique hotel.

While I was looking at the aerial film I wondered if we'd ever seen the north side of the NBC building on Sunset. This screengrab also shows Carpenter's Drive-in.
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