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Almost in the center of the recent "Cityscape" photo is the Hotel Teris (I probably remembered it because I kept reading it as Hotel Tetris!). The Hotel Louise/Cortez is just off the right of this picture.

Detail from photo atUSC Digital Library

The hotel, standing at 1254 West 6th Street, was built in 1925. Here are a couple of postcards:


CSUDH Digital Collections

The USC site also has some interior photos from 1932. The door on the right in the first picture below leads to the Teris Drug Co., while the double doors hide the telephones. The second picture below shows the higher level to the left of the first picture. The door at the back near the stairs has a sign that reads "Beauty Shoppe". I wonder how much survives.

USC Digital Library

According to the 1932 CD, the manager at the time was Henry Stanley.

There's no date on this flyer that I found on Ebay, but I'd guess it's quite early as the Teris still has the $2 a day banner and the El Rey has singles from $1. Four of the "Five Aces" are still standing - only the Hotel St Paul (prominently visible in the "Cityscape") has been reduced to a parking lot. The El Rey Hotel is now the Weingart Center Association.


The Hotel Teris is now known as the Weingart Guest House, and is part of the Good Samaritan Hospital site. There's a brief piece about it on their website. It has lost its small balcony, but otherwise looks pretty intact.


A close-up of some of the detail:


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