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Originally Posted by HossC View Post
LAPL has quite a few pictures showing the construction of the Cinerama Dome from different angles in black & white and color [...]. I came across them looking for pictures of the Vine Street Coffee Dan's a couple of weeks ago. Note the NBC building on the left.

Their notes put the date at 1963.
HossC, I love this color aerial (where's all the traffic?!) especially for the view of the NBC Building. I never really liked the Sunset Vine Tower, it seems so out of place. It's like that obelisk in the film "2001" - which, I believe, premiered in Los Angeles at the Cinerama Dome a few years after this photo was taken.

Can we identify any other buildings here? -- Across Vine from NBC is Wallich's Music City. Going east or toward the top of the photo from NBC is the Hollywood Palladium. And across the street (behind the Sunset Vine Tower in the photo) would be where the Earl Carroll Theater Nightclub was.
In this photo is there a building under construction, barely visible, directly across the street from the C. Dome?
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