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Originally Posted by Flyingwedge View Post
As for the Fox Ritz, which we also saw here, it was for a time (c. 1926-29) the West Coast Ritz:

USC Digital Library --

This photo is looking SW at Wilshire and Sycamore. According to this site the Ritz opened October 15, 1926. The picture playing here, My Official Wife, was released October 16, 1926 (
The theater was torn down in 1977.

Great to see a dedicated storefront for the I-ON-A-CO...with a neon sign to boot.

Ads for the I-ON-A-CO appeared in the Times from mid 1925 to as late as a year after the real GW's death on Sept 7, 1927. This one is from Feb 10, 1927:

History of the I-ON-A-CO:

A prior NLA post:

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