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Lotus Garden Apartments in West Hollywood

This 14-unit building, built in 1928 and designed by William Hauptman, is at 1216 N. La Cienega, between Fountain and Sunset. It's near the lower left corner of this aerial view, the 2nd building north of Fountain on the east side of La Cienega:

Google Earth March 2011

From 1929; these views have been unavailable since 1931, when the apartment building to the south, El Palacio, was constructed:

LAPL caption to above photos: "2 exterior views of the Lotus Garden Apartments, a two and three-story apartment building with elements of Chinese architecture located at 1216-24 La Cienega Boulevard in West Hollywood."

From La Cienega, February 2011; it looks like some of the original design elements are missing:


A courtyard shot; I think a piece of the metalwork at left, above the bamboo, has broken off: --

More info:
"Chinese-style courtyard apartment building . . . The property features the following original design elements: decorative banding, false beams, corbels, metal cresting, wood verge boards, peacked and undulating gables, wood window grilles and wood-frame large picture windows with segmental arched headers and square panes, smaller casement windows with unusual horizontal and rectangular panes, metal decorative plates affixed to the wood double front doors to each stair hall and vestibule, red tile with black insert squares, wood balconies, panel doors with hammered doorknobs, hand-finished plaster, antique lanterns, decorative Japanese metal relief insets, flush panel cabinets, glass knobs, countertops covered with small hexagonal tiles, wall-mounted sink faucets typical of 1920's apartment kitchens and bathroom floors covered in a pattern of small rectangular and square tiles."
Above from:

It's Chinese-style but has Japanese metal relief inserts?
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