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I don't have any other photos of Coffee Dan's - I remember coming across some but don't seem to have saved them. (as far as I could gather, the later coffee shops had no connection other than the name to the older speakeasy-ish ones).
Thanks! (And I love the Clara Bow shot above!)

I searched this thread, but found little in the way of more Coffee Dan's photos...

This wonderful photo taken of Vine Street shows the [Co]ffee Dan's sign jutting out over the sidewalk on the far lefthand side of the photograph:

Originally Posted by Handsome Stranger View Post
More vintage Vine Street, from 1953.

[source: Flickr
In this 1961 photograph on the far right you can see part of the street level sign Coffee [Dan's] and atop the building, behind the street lamp, you can make out the start of their neon sign on the roof: Cof-

Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
below: Extensive use of banners over Hollywood Blvd. as late as 1961.

Here's one of a souvenir collection of postcards from the late 1950's where you can see this sign a lot clearer:


Taken from the exact opposite direction is this small size photo--the man on the sidewalk is standing under the Coffee Dan's sign jutting out over the sidewalk. You can also see the "Dan's" neon sign on the roof area. This photo is from 1960.

Bruce Torrence

Originally Posted by Handsome Stranger View Post
In the 1953 color photo of Vine I was intrigued by the Coffee Dan's sign at the far right and have been looking for more photos of the restaurant itself. Not much luck yet.

[source: eBay]
Yes, wonder why we have had little luck in finding some full on photos of the Coffee Dan's restaurants, particularly Hollywood? (The above was first posted two years ago.) It seems they were known for their distinctive designs, which I think of as a cross between art deco and the Jetsons.

Originally Posted by Handsome Stranger View Post
This one has been marked as being in Los Angeles, but I have no clue which location it might be. Still...great atmosphere!

[source: Stuttgarter Zeitung]
I thought this might have been the one locatedin Van Nuys, but I found out it was designed by different architects. Sources list it as one located on Wilshire Blvd. in
Beverly Hills and that's the first i knew there was one in Beverly Hills! No address given, though. An equal number of sources list it as 1948 or 1950. The photographer,
Julius Shulman, lists it as 1948, so I'll go with that.

There seems to be several photos of the Van Nuys location. A date of 1957 is mentioned, which could be when it was built, or when the photos were taken.

6576 Van Nuys Boulevard





Postcard / back

San Fernando Valley Blog


San Fernando Valley Blog

what's located there now


Downtown Dan's
L.A. Daily Mirror

This photo is from a Coffee Dan's in Downtown, Los Angeles. (The one on Broadway or West 8th?) It's from some process footage that was filmed about April 1946 for the Columbia feature "Down to Earth." The link above has still shots and also links to the actual footage that runs about 11 minutes.

Ta Da! I just TODAY found this wonderful color photo posted on a blog recently! I've never seen it before!
It's not "head on" but it's getting closer! It's dated 1959. The First Federal Bank Bldg. is on the right, replacing the Hollywood Hotel. It opened in Jan. 1959. The spire of the Chinese Theatre is in the distance.

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