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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
beautiful home, but no address (notice the shingles 'traveling' over the dormer on the left, amazing)

This house

is now this house

901 North Camden, Beverly Hills

According to My Love of Old Hollywood, Charles Ray's house was later Betty Compson's, as you might assume....

BUT, according to the esteemed and extremely accurate Steve Vaught at Paradise Leased, the Ray house was NOT Compson's.... "Most people assume quite reasonably that Charles Ray and Betty Compson lived in the same house, but its not true. These are postcards of two entirely separate houses! Charles Ray’s house was located at 901 North Camden Drive in Beverly Hills and Betty’s was all the way over in Hollywood at 7315 Hollywood Boulevard. Now that’s a lazy architect! The house so nice they built it twice. Charles Ray’s home still stands, in altered form, but Betty’s, which was later rented by Sam Goldwyn, has gone the way of the Dodo."

Check out Steve, Dora and Nellie's story here:
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