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Originally Posted by Tourmaline View Post

1931 - Anyone else claim the name? (Clarence in '29 directory? )

Tough economy.

VERY tough economy!

Clarence Saunders (August 9, 1881 – October 14, 1953) was an American grocer who first developed the modern retail sales model of self service. His ideas have had a massive influence on the development of the modern supermarket. Clarence Saunders worked for most of his life trying to develop a truly automated store, developing Piggly Wiggly, Keedoozle, and Foodelectric store concepts.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Sole Owner Stores

In a move reminiscent of that of John Walter Scott’s in 1889, he went on to create the "Clarence Saunders Sole Owner of My Name Stores" chain in 1928. The chain, which was known by the public as "Sole Owner" stores, initially flourished, with 675 stores operating and annual sales of $60 million in 1929. However the chain went into bankruptcy in 1930 at the start of the Great Depression.

1930 - Glendale (NE Corner of Broadway and Central Ave.)

Burbank. - Undated (But we can guess )

1935 - McDonnell's Drive In (Could it be same Beverly and La Brea location? Probably not, unless different perspective or remodel.)

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