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That house on 18th/Toberman is very close to a building I first spotted while watching 'CHiPs'. 1828 Oak Street is a large hall just across the freeway, and seems to date from around 1925. I've marked it in blue to show the relative position (the CHP building is the one with the gray roof in the loop to the left of the Harbor Freeway - it replaced the one seen in the show).

E_R/Google Earth

Here's the building from Washington Boulevard. There's an amazing amount of detail around the roofline. It also retains its small blade sign advertizing "Dancing".


A similar view at night. The caption says "Casa Vertigo is a 88,000 + sq ft. filming & events venue."

Kerry M./

A few exterior/interior shots:

All by Dan Williams c/o (There are 176 pictures in the set.)

It looks like the building (or a portion of it) has also been known as Chateau Ballroom in recent years.

In 'CHiPs', the building played the part of the 'Oak Street Youth Center'.

MGM TV/Rosner TV

Strangely, when the youth center appeared again in a later episode, they used 1727 North Spring Street.

MGM TV/Rosner TV

1727 North Spring Street has appeared in this thread several times, including post #7516, post #7520 and post #7524 (sorry if I missed anyone else's posts).

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