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LATimes May 30, 1926

Looks like Forrester also developed the subdivision--there's a "Forrester Drive" nearby. (Interestingly, the neighborhood is referred to as being in "Brentwood" in some references back then.) Looks like he tangled with Mrs. Rindge over the oil operations we see in the picture...

LATimes May 30, 1927

Some of Forrester's earlier developments are noted in this article:
LATimes Feb 8, 1920

His father, E.A. Forrester, is also mentioned--he lived at 1121 S. Lake Street, as did Fred before he moved to Monte Mar Terrace. We've seen two of E.A.'s houses here before:

I had forgotten rick m's suggestion in one of the posts above of a Forrester connection to Brenda Allen...but I don't think their was actually one. (Did we ever dig into such it a connection?)

(Speaking of Lake Street: and

I was also curious about the other house seen in the vintage shot--2728 MConnell Drive. It's still there:


It looks like Agnes Moorehead bought the house in 1945. Here's a little noirish Agnes from her time at 2720:

LATimes Oct 4, 1950

Articles: LAT


Thought of you this morning, ER--corner of Church and Chambers this morning.

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