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2720 Monte Mar Terrace, Cheviot Hills

That's it on the left in 1928, the large house on the corner. We're looking basically east:

USC Digital Library --

BTW, all the b/w USC images posted here are zoomable. You can get in WAY close.

Street view, 1928:

USC Digital Library --

1928 closeup of front door area from different photo than above; note detail of low brick wall:

USC Digital Library --

Probably looking out from the back of the same house, 1927 (note detail of low brick wall). I think this patio is on the east side of the house, perhaps in the back corner:

USC Digital Library --

"A" marks 2720 Monte Mar Terrace. The patio in the photo above looks out over where Beverwil Drive is today. The little ravine behind the oil derrick must be where the street is now that leads up to Circle Park:

Google Map with Terrain View

And the house in Jan 2011:


I'm not sure if this 1927 photo was taken from inside 2720 Monte Mar Terrace (the windows don't match those in the front), but it looks at the oil facilities from almost the same angle as the patio photo:

USC Digital Library --

2720 Monte Mar Terrace was apparently owned for a time by actress Agnes Moorehead: http://aggiespicturepalace.blogspot....ouse-home.html
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