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My parents used to take us up there when we were little, it was a pretty long hike, but not too difficult. Seems the hotel was owned by the owner of the railway, Professor Thaddeus Lowe.
It's probably been mentioned as often as Sister Aimee railed against sin. Thaddeus had a residence at 923 Columbia, South Pasadena. As best as I can tell, it's still there! (As a side note, Thaddeus' granddaughter, Florence Lowe, grew up in the house. Frances is better known as Pancho Barnes, early aviatrix and founding member of the Happy Bottom Riding Club, Muroc - aka Edwards Air Force Base.

Another thing about Lowe, Thaddeus, that has probably been mentioned but overlooked (by me) was Lowe's connection with Abraham Lincoln. Thaddeus's experimentation with Balloons garnered Lincoln's attention. Lincoln's note (below) offers a tiny glimpse into the story. Lowe is also credited with being an ostensible founder of Cal Tech. Lowe observatory?

Frances Lowe, aka Pancho Barnes

Why not?
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