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Bullocks may have been a virtual trailblazer by building as far west as Westmoreland, but others eventually saw the same light, e.g., Magnin's $3,000,000 "taj" at 3240 Wilshire. In Magnin's shadow, was Switzer's at 3250 Wilshire. Walter Switzer evidently started out at 2118 West 7th Street, before packing the covered wagon and moving to where the mighty Wilshire meets the New Hampshire (Avenue). However, Switzer's evidently predated Magnin's by 7 or more years since it was listed in '32, but not in '29. (Magnin's apparently dates from '39) Walter S's Flintridge residence must have been a long commute - even if it was not all bumper to bumper traffic on Vermont.

Switzer had a nicely appointed interior, but not much merchandise - at least in these pictures! Hard to glimpse what was across the street.

Guessing this was early '30s.

Fashion shoot alleged to have been taken outside of Switzer's. First guess, '48 Stude Champion?

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