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according to this 1927 photo and the accompanying caption, the corner structure was the home of harmony of Sister Aimee, and her mother


This Angelus Temple residence, once a home of harmony in which Aimee Semple McPherson and "Mother" Kennedy dwelt together in peace and accord, later a fortress in the Angelus Temple war from which Mrs. Kennedy fired broadsides of charges against her daughter. Living alone in the deserted home, surrounded by temple activity of which Mrs. Kennedy was a leader for eighteen years, Mrs. Kennedy said, "I am broken-hearted and I haven't had any food or water in this house for three days."

this is a photo of the "new Sister Aimee residence on Manhattan Place after she moved out of the temple residence


The accompanying caption reads;

A new home on South Manhattan Place, which served as the residence of Aimee Semple McPherson after she moved out of the parsonage at Angelus Temple. The new headquarters of Aimee Semple McPherson, from which she directed Angelus Temple activities and conducted her battle against Mrs. Minnie Kennedy, which threatened to lead into court. While Mrs. Kennedy expressed doubt of Mrs. McPherson's kidnapping story, Mrs. McPherson answered that her mother was trying to break her in the new temple war.

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Remembering a time when Wilshire Boulevard's sidewalks were bordered by grass.
1927 - Address not provided. Said to be Sister Aimee McPherson's residence on Manhattan Place, after leaving the Angeleus Temple Parsonage.

Much has been written and told of Sister Aimee's meanderings. Noticed a recent posting of a Manhattan Place home in which she may have set foot. One source supposes that home was "south of Venice Blvd. and within West Adams." But I wonder if the same house wasn't in the Hancock park area. Don't know much about Aimee's choppers, but a Mid-Wilshire location would have made a dental consultation "just around the corner" . Maybe someone here has a more definitive answer regarding the location of the Manhattan Place home?

In no particular order, some of the LA/SoCal residences with a Sister Aimee connection. (Excluding the Lake Elsinore castle-cottage and Palm Springs locale).

Sister Aimee's parsonage

1932 - Proposed "Temple Towers" (Would have made a great Elks Club Annex)

April '27 - The "late" Nat Goodwin's home in Santa Monica, where Aimee allegedly spent some time. Nat died in '19, so his connection with Aimee was extremely attenuated.,4351374 Exact address unknown.

'14 - For no particular reason

1926 - 4505 Gramercy Place - Purported kidnapping evidence was found here. Her green bathing costume. Comparing this photo with contemporary location suggests that the structure still exists, although this older image/negative was be reversed.

"Relaxing" rest provided by mattress found in house with - narcotics!

1932 - 2210 W Temple Street. Aimee's free mess hall.

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