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At the end of the 19th century there were two Sugar-Loaf like natural formations.


The larger one on the left was leveled to build the first casino.

-the first casino with the remaining Sugar-Loaf.

The Sugar Loaf was a tourist destination for years.


I'm not sure I could climb those rickety steps, and yet these women are doing it in long dresses.

she made it!


below: pre-first casino snapshots & postcards.

A woman contemplates the steps, as well as the rocky terrain leading to them.


a romantic couple, circa 1900



quite large, pan right--->

c.c. pierce at

-this should say from the base of Sugar Loaf.



So how in the world did they get away with destroying the much loved Sugar Loaf?
Couldn't the new casino have been built where the old casino was located?
I haven't been able to locate any answers.....yet.*

*while I was working on this post Lwize answered my question.

both natural rock formations long gone.

After looking at this, it appears the 'new' casino was built where the first casino was located. So why destroy Sugar Loaf?

As much as I love the art deco Avalon Casino, I can't wrap my mind around the destruction of Sugar Loaf.

This is me at the Avalon Casino in 1987. No, I'm not doing a gang sign...I'm telling my friend to turn the camera horizontal to get the whole building in the shot.

B.A. Barr archive, lol


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