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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
-very interesting GW. I've always been intrigued by Olive Thomas' early death in Paris. (poison wasn't it?)

Do you recognize these homes? (I found this earlier today on ebay)


That's the Lucien Brunswig house in front, 3528 West Adams Blvd--we've seen the Brunswig Drug Co buildings here a number of times before, down by the Plaza. 3528 is gone...

Next to it is the Secondo Guasti house at 3500 West Adams--later Busby Berkeley's. Still standing.

The next house to the east is 3424, built by Lycurgus Lindsay--also still standing:

Here's your post on the Guasti/Berkeley house, ER:

And one of mine on the Brunswig house:

As for Olive Thomas, it was poison, but, according to Steve Vaught's excellent analysis, it was accidental rather than nefarious:

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