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So I got a high tech new photo editing program half a year ago (Adobe's basically Photoshop but geared towards photographers e.g. with less bells and whistles) and I've been having loads of fun doing color "correction" on vintage shots, trying to bring them back to vivid, colorful life and in the process get to know the program's controls better. It's a fun exercise that ends up being quite powerful when you actually DO nail the colors and make a picture feel ALIVE once again. Naturally, I raided my LA library (almost 10,000 files strong!) for whatever it's worth and I think I've come up with some compelling footage.

Also, I could use any and all help on the sources for some of these!

Street (in Pasadena?), June 1944

Civic Center, 1940s

Rexall at La Cienega and Beverly Blvds, circa 1950, Ebay

Vermont Ave, 1946

Hildreth Mansion, 1950, Huntington Digital Library

Grand Ave and the Melrose Hotel, 1957-04-20, Huntington Digital Library
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