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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
Los Angeles/address unknown

Originally Posted by Beaudry View Post
Still there! Well, I think, and only sort of. The '49 white pages lists Burton's of Hollywood and Burton's Studio Clothes at 414 South Main...and there's the 412 address next door.


No, not the Hotel Alcazar. The wee little building to the north, sandwiched between it and the San Fernando building. You can see it a little better in this earlier image (and before it had its top floors lopped off):
I've also been interested in that little building, which is now 410 S. Main. If I'm reading the LA County Assessor website correctly -- and if the Assessor is right -- it was built in 1950. Here's the building in June 2013:

Photos by me

The SE corner of 4th and Main, c. 1906. We see the future site of the San Fernando Building (where the wooden structure is being dismantled), with the Hotel Alcazar on the NE corner of Main and Winston. The building in the middle seems to match the building in Beaudry's 2nd b/w photo above:

CA State Library --

This undated (early 60s?) photo looks SE at the San Fernando Building on the SE corner of 4th and Main. The little 410 S. Main building is next to it on the right/south side, but the Alcazar has been demolished:


But in this photo, dated 1938, little 410 S. Main doesn't seem to be there, although it looks like there might be a fence in front of where it will be:

USC Digital Library --

The 1st b/w photo of the Alcazar that Beaudry posted is dated c. 1950 by the CA State Library. If that date is correct, then the USC photo above can't be 1938, because the Alcazar is missing.

Anyway, my hunch is that the building now at 410 S. Main is not a cut-down version of the three-story building formerly at that site, based primarily on the photo immediately above. Also, that earlier building -- the upper part, at least -- looks more like wood than brick, and the storefront in er's photos looks a little narrower than what's there now.

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