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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
Interesting photographs ChuckaLuck! -thanks 4 posting them.

Earlier today I came across noirish neon sign for the Zimba Room,

which led me to it's location at the old Hotel Lafayette at 2731 Beverly Boulevard.


Alas, the 'Zimba' sign is now painted over (in blue).


ornate entrance/hotel lafayette inlaid in the sidewalk at doorway.

Hotel Lafayette est. 1927
Great find! THANK YOU for posting this. In case anyone is not familiar with the area, the Lafayette is located on the north side of Beverly, roughly between Lafayette Park Place (which terminates at Beverly), and Occidental Boulevard -- which happens to be the street on which I reside.

The south end of Lafayette Park Place terminates at Lafayette Park. Lafayette Park was originally called Sunset Park, and thus the street was originally called Sunset Place. The neighborhood was developed roughly around the turn of the 20th Century, concurrent with the development of Wilshire Blvd west of Westlake Park. I have not determined exactly when Sunset Park and its street were re-named, but obviously it provided an opportunity for that "other" street to be named Sunset.

I have been wanting to do a grand post on my neighborhood for ages, but it would involve some actual legwork for which I never seem to have the time. Perhaps someday...
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