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Now -- and then -- in color!

Originally Posted by MichaelRyerson View Post

The 600 block of North Spring Street, looking south to Sunset Boulevard, circa the 1940s. The Vera Cruz Cafe and the Bamba Club are on the left.

Don't see any evidence of Slim Dundee nor his peripatetic wife Anna today, but there's the backside of the Sentous next door to the club with the Hotel Atlantic next to it and the Hotel Pacific down on the corner at Sunset.


North Spring Street Hotel entrance, 1948

Man waiting at hotel entrance. Double-sided sign above door reads "N. Spring Hotel" on one side, and "Spring Hotel" on the other, the "N" having worn away. This is the hotel entrance on N. Spring Street side to the second floor of the Sentous Building. Note the sign above his head which says (PRINT)ING and then compare it to the sign in the pic above (right above the two jaywalking guys) which is the same 'PRINTING' sign. Doubly interesting to consider, Pio Pico himself likely passed through this very door, used those very stairs in the background.


View of the 600 block of North Spring Street, looking south to Sunset Boulevard, circa the 1940s. Hotel Atlantic is on the left, and the Pico House is in the background.

Here is a slice of the Sentous on the left with the hotels Atlantic (and the El Patio Club) and Pacific (and the Café Puma) then across Sunset the Pico House and a corner of the church property.

Looking at the North Spring St. side of the Sentous Block, with The Sepulveda behind and to the left on North Main St., July 15, 1957:

Huntington Digital Library --

Here's The Sepulveda on April 20, 1957:

Huntington Digital Library --

Back to North Spring Street on July 15, 1957 -- Sentous Block, Hotel Atlantic, Hotel Pacific . . . and a red-and-white 1957 DeSoto (check out those curb feelers!):

Huntington Digital Library --

North Main Street view of Sentous Block demolition, December 1, 1957:

Huntington Digital Library --

As we've already seen here, the Sentous Block, Hotel Atlantic and Hotel Pacific are gone, but The Sepulveda is still standing:

GSV August 2012

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