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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
Offices of Hoffman-Schlager Inc. and David C. Werner Inc. 8776-8782 Sunset Blvd. in 1935.



The two buildings are located on a triangular lot where Holloway Drive merges with Sunset Blvd.

-rear view from Holloway Drive


Because of the sloped lot, there is more to the buildings than meets the eye. Both buildings appear much smaller when viewed on Sunset.
I lived just down the block on Hancock and would often walk up to the restaurant in the corner building.
Back then it was the Old World (or was it New World?) Cafe with plenty of outdoor seating.

Here's a wider view showing the whole corner, with Holloway Drive on the right.



Fondly remembered and formerly known as the Old World Restaurant. If only that standalone mailbox could talk!



1940 - Where Sunset forks with Holloway

Anyone remember the easy-to-miss "Butterfield's?" 8426 Sunset Blvd? (Slightly east of "Blue's House") A place which John Barrymore may have been quite familiar.


July 29, 1949 - West on Sunset

West of La Cienega on Sunset.
Circa '39

9000 West Sunset - circa '38 The Norma Talmadge Building. (Gone in '63)

9018-9022 on the Strip in 1938 - dig the stained glass accents.

9023 Sunset Blvd. - The Crosby Building.
Circa '38

And further west - at the corner of Doheny and Sunset (9112 Sunset) Gates' Nut Kettle!
Circa '38

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