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More Charnock + 5th and Main environs

Originally Posted by BifRayRock View Post

The Charnock Block, or more specifically, the Charnock Building (1889) was mentioned in the news recently.,2565134.story

5th and Main -

Charnock Block - 1971

Let's start off with the 1894 Sanborn Map from LAPL, SE corner of 5th and Main; "Charnock Block" runs along 5th Street:

This is the 1906 Sanborn Map from LAPL. The Charnock Block has expanded south to include 504-506 S. Main. The 1910 Baist Map ( identifies the building at 508-510 S. Main as the Hotel Rennie:

I couldn't find any close-up, street-level photos of the Charnock from its early days, and the aerial views, like this c. 1904 photo looking north on Main, seem to be from the same side of the street, so you only see the Charnock's roof and upper wall, which has the Lee Bros. wall sign. Note the Hotel Lexington; the flag flying from atop the hotel to its north is emblazoned Rosslyn. Across Main Street from the Lexington . . . is that the c. 1892 Post Office/Federal Building being demolished? We've seen that building here before, but I forget why it had such a short life. It's not on the 1888 or 1906 Sanborns, nor was it replaced by anything especially notable.

USC Digital Library --

This is a c. 1900-1909 (though later than the previous photo) view looking north on Main Street. The Lexington has become the Rosslyn, but no Baltimore Hotel (b. 1910) yet at the SW corner of 5th and Los Angeles (at the right edge of the photo). The King Edward Hotel is at the NW corner of 5th and Los Angeles, and the old round Panorama of the Battle of Paris building is still extant near the top center of the photo.

USC Digital Library --

Baltimore Hotel ahoy! There's no Rosslyn Annex on the SW corner of 5th and Main, so this must be a pre-1923 photo. The Charnock Block is the 2nd building west of the Baltimore on 5th Street. It looks like there was a balcony over the alley on the east side of the Charnock Block.


I like this c. 1917 photo showing three iterations of Rosslyns (the big building with the rooftop sign being the third):

USC Digital Library --

One more roof shot, from c. 1917. Presumably, the "5th & Main Drugs" sign is the same, though altered, as the "5th & Main Pharmacy" sign in my post with the 1911 night shots ( You can just barely see two of the rooftop skylights on the Charnock's southern addition:

USC Digital Library --

1930. That corner office with the fireplace must have been nice:



LAPL (William Reagh) --

1970 (I think I see some post-1970 cars, though):

LAPL (Victor Plukas) --



November 6, 1988. "Yvonne, a resident of the Pershing Hotel (located at 502 S. Main Street), has a lot to smile about: She'll soon come home to a renovated apartment. Marquee for hotel may be seen in the background."


Entrance to Pershing Hotel, June 2013 (all color shots by me):

Wider view of Main Street frontage:

Second story detail. I hope they restore that chimney:

Looking southeast:

Fifth Street frontage:

As to the Charnock's restoration, I'm dubious as to how it will look with new construction sticking out of the top. All I can think of is the De Young Building in San Francisco (the one on Market Street, not the museum in Golden Gate Park). Yuck!

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