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Anticipating the Gold Line Route.

Originally Posted by AlvaroLegido View Post
It's moving, Tovangar. This beautiful spanish type wall seems to be the last thing that remains of old Aliso Street. At least on its north side. Maybe the like-brand-new Self Storage that you noticed on a previous post remains from the south side but I'm not sure it was the Aliso sidewalk below its north windows.

The current Aliso Street is obviously the old Commercial Street west of Alameda. I guess they thought keeping the popular name Aliso alive that way.

Your comment above about the wall at the end of LA Union station being the last thing that remains of old Aliso Street sparked a discussion between myself and a friend, as we both switched passenger trains at LAUPT in the mid 1960's.

We came to the conclusion that the present wall is not the original wall, but rather a new wall built "in the style of" the original. If you carefully examine and compare the details of the wall in the black and white photos of the locomotive overun of the bumper post with the Google street level view just below them, you will note that the arches in the original at 90 degrees while those in the new wall are are chamfered. The vertical supports are altogether different from the original and a horizontal relief has been added.

Next, check out the first two photos on the top of page 4, on this site: In it's original configuration the stub end of the tracks were perpendicular to Aliso St., and parallel to Alameda St. That is not the case today as can be seen on a Google satellite view. The end of the station has been trimmed on a bias to accommodate the El Monte Busway.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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