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While snooping around the north main street area looking for the location (in vain) of Richfield Gas Station No. 16,
I came across the old Edison Electric Co. Steam Power Plant built in 1903.

view from the 5 Freeway



The last time we visited this beauty was way back on page 50.

I also came across this empty art deco building at 1910 N. Main Street. I would have bet money that this was a defunct WPA era post office.




Well, it turns out this was part of the Los Angeles Brewery as well.

early 1950s

Here it is with the brewery buildings next door. (looking east along N. Main St/it curves)


below: I've outlined the empty art deco building in red. I'm guessing this was an administration building for the brewery.

google aerial

I outlined the original 1903 Edison Co. Steam Plant in blue.

The brewery became a Pabst Brewery in 1953. (this photo is dated 1954)

Name changes of the brewery throughout the years. (list from

Los Angeles Brewing Company (aka Eastside Beverage Co.) 1897-1920
Zesto Beverage Company 1920-1926
Los Angeles Brewing Company (aka Eastside/Mission Brewing) 1933-1953
Pabst Brewing Company 1953-1979

Here's an earlier post on the Los Angeles Brewery by tovanger2.

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