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Arcade Palm

Unless George W Hazard posthumously joins the thread and starts posting, I guess we'll never know for sure who brought our trees to LA and exactly when. They are not as well documented as the Longstreet Palms, although noirish LA got close. The Arcade Palm hasn't had this much attention in 99 years.

Moving over to Exposition Park, I have a question about the placement of our tree. When Agricultural Park was rededicated as Exposition Park in 1913, the histories only mention the buildings and the sunken garden at the north end of the site. The bars and brothels had been cleared. The tree stands at the Figueroa Street end of the grand median strip dividing Exposition Park Drive leading to the Coliseum. The Coliseum, of course, hadn't even been thought of in 1914 when our tree was transplanted. Is the stadium exactly on the site of the old racecourse? What was so special about this particular spot in 1914? Or was it the spot?

google maps

Coliseum construction start 1921. Hey, wait a minute, where's our tree?:

Another shot from '21 or '22:

Closer view of those structures east of the Coliseum during construction:


Oh, there's our tree, appearing out of nowhere. It looks to be on its own little island in 1932, not included in the lawn:


A rather fanciful, idealized, artist's view:

Was the tree moved after construction of the Coliseum within Exposition Park? Just exactly where was it transplanted on 5 September 1914? The monument says only that it was placed "here".
It doesn't look as though it was in this particular "here" in 1922. Where was it?



A bit of Coliseum history:

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