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One last word on the Sunset Hotel and China City...

Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
This is for MichaelRyerson, lemster2024 and bighen.

cracked glass slide

found on an old cd of mine

The Sunset/Hill Hotel and the San Fernando Hotel and points beyond...including a bridge.
A final word about what's left of the Sunset Hotel: I was in Chinatown this morning and stopped by the gated storefront and saw a workman inside. Unfortunately, neither my powers of persuasion nor my broken Chinese were enough to persuade him to let me in, but he did allow me to stick my camera phone in thru the gates to get a few shots of the interior. The herb store closed not too long ago, and from what I could translate, it will soon be replaced by either a gift store or another Chinese BBQ place...the workman said he was not sure, he was only there to patch up holes and install drywall.
I showed him some of the old pics of the Sunset and San Fernando, and he initially eyed them with some degree of skepticism; when I showed him the pattern of windows of the south wall, he reluctantly agreed it was the same building. He also said he thought there was a basement, but he was only to work on the ground floor and hadn't checked any further.

my photos

Across the street, the only reminder of China City still visible at the site, mounted on a cinderblock wall, in the parking lot for Phillippe's:

in 1983:

LAPL archive (link unavailable)


my photo

Such is progress...

...and that "bridge", e_r, visible in your photo of the two hotels? From the angle of sight, based on the location of the Sunset/San Fernando, and the relative proximity, my guess is that it is the railroad trestle off to the NE, crossing the river, near Bolero Lane:

Bing streetview
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