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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
Fire at the St. George Hotel in 1952.

Below: Much to my surprise, the St. George Hotel still stands.



More info on the St. George Hotel.
While I was poking around 3rd and Main recently I came across an early (c. 1905-1909) photo of the St. George Hotel (1905) at 115 E. 3rd Street when it was known as the Bisbee Inn:

USC Digital Library --

Closeup of the entrance:

The entrance in January 2011:


The 1910 Baist Map lists the building as Girard's House, but it had already been renamed the St. George by 1912. In that year it had the first of three fatal fires; 5 dead and dozens injured on November 19, 1912:

“As early as 1912, a fire in the St. George Hotel in the downtown area raised the issue of the danger of open stairwells in spreading fires" . . . a quote from this LA City Planning Dept. document:

Here's a larger photo of the 1952 fire, which killed seven and injured over 50 on March 25, 1952: --

Then there was another fire in May 1983:

The west side in 2011. When the St. George was built, 3rd Street hadn't been realigned yet, and there were two buildings between the St. George and Main Street, so the "back" side didn't show so much:


The south and east sides in 2011; you can see where 3rd Street was realigned immediately to the west of the St. George:


It's amazing that this building is still standing. It's survived three major fires that have killed 14 people, street realignment, earthquakes, and 108 years of use.
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