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Originally Posted by lemster2024 View Post
bighen posted an old photo of some construction men at work on Ord, and in the background was the Sunset Hotel. Photo comparison of the position of the visible windows and doorway on the south side of the building strongly suggest that at least the ground floor survives today, its brick facade covered with stucco and plaster, as MichaelReyerson surmised.

usc digital archive

my photo

Who knows what goodies from the Sunset might still be surviving down there? One can only wonder...!

Well, once again I can't find fault with your reasoning. And man, oh man, would I like to look around in that basement. I'm coming out to California in June and I'll probably snoop around down here for a day or so. May try to reach the building owner for access (although sometimes building owners can be funny about strangers taking pictures of their old buildings).

Here's a shot that shows the little door and the two arched windows which flank it. Also the series of window openings going toward New High Street (the sign for the Cosmopolitan Café would have been right there in the third window).

Sunset Hotel

I think I'm satisfied we've found the remnants of the Sunset and San Fernando hotels. Congrats to both of you, Lemster and Bighen for a job well done. [deep bow]

Now what's that I see up the street on Ord between New High Street and N. Broadway?? What's that little wedge shaped brick building?

New Mystery Building

New Mystery Building (2)

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