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Third and Main, east side

The southeast corner of Main and Third -- or Mayo, as Third Street east of Main was known prior to about 1894 -- was the home of Cameron E. Thom, Mayor of Los Angeles from 1882-84. This photo is from c. 1886 and looks east across Main Street:

USC Digital Library --

Around 1888 he built the Thom Block in his front yard (The Thom Block is on the 1888 Sanborn Map). This photo looking southeast is dated c. 1887 (I'd put it a few years later than that); the Thom Block is on the northwest side of the round Panorama Building:

USC Digital Library --

The Thom Block/Hotel Florence c. 1900-05 (the 1910 Baist Map calls it the Hotel Milan):

USC Digital Library -

A closeup:

The Thom Block lasted through at least the mid-1950s -- it's on aerial photos from that era -- but I couldn't find any later closeups or when it was razed.

Across the street on the northeast corner was the Hotel Gray (1896), shown here in c. 1905:

USC Digital Library --

A closeup:

The Hotel Gray is on the 1921 Baist Map:

Historic Mapworks --

But it's not on this 1931 Heart of Los Angeles map, apparently a victim of the jog in 3rd street being straightened out:


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