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More on Sunset Hotel/Ord Street

Here's N. Spring and Ord today via GSV...Look at the footprint of the building on the northwest corner...

Here's a tighter shot...

N. Spring and Ord


Let's drop down and look at it from down Ord Street...

N. Spring and Ord (3)

I think we may be looking at the ground floor of the old Sunset/Hill Hotel late of the Wrigley's sign...

Interesting side view...

N. Spring and Ord (4)

Interesting because of these...

N. Spring and Ord (5)

I think those bricks may be over a hundred years old. And I think, for all intents and purposes, the Sunset Hotel lives.[/QUOTE]

Excellent post Michael Ryerson. Found this picture from the LA Public Library called Ord Street work 1930 which shows a street level photo of the Sunset Hotel at the Northwest corner of Ord and Spring

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