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One more look at the Sunset & San Fernando Hotel sites

Originally Posted by MichaelRyerson View Post
Actually, I don't think the old Sunset reaches all the way through to New High Street. I believe it ends at the west edge of the red awning on Ord Street. Remember, in the old days, the Sunset backed up to the El Adobe Café which faced New High Street. I'm glad someone has some direct experience with this hidden relic. Next time you're there look around for signs it's being taken care of or is deteriorating. Thanks.
bighen and I spent the morning walking around the two sites of the Sunset Hotel and the San Fernando Hotel on Ord Steet, looking for any remnants that might be still there. Earlier in this discussion of the Sunset Hotel, MichaelRyerson deduced that at least the ground floor of the Sunset was probably buried under more contemporary facades and layers of plaster. bighen will be posting a few pics on this shortly. I went across the street to where the San Fernando once stood and wondered if the same logic could be applied to that hotel as well. Here's what I came up with:

Current front facade: No, I don't think so...

my photo

Now, looking west up Ord, from almost the corner of Alameda, we've seen this photo before:

California State Library, the California History Room

Here's today's view, as best I could replicate it:

my photo

Looking at these two photos, I'm thinking the basement and at least the ground floor of the San Fernando is also buried beneath layers of stucco and plaster, based on comparing these two closer looks with similar details:

my edit

edit of my photo

The vent on the Ord St. side at the corner matches, the vent by the "25" sign matches, there appears to be a door further to the right (which lines up with todays metal screen door), a larger door next to that, and the window located on the next level up. Looking at the window today, you can see plastering all along the frame when it was replaced with a modern slider.
The contrast in the photos doesn't show it well, but if one walks up to the walls of the building, you can see the uneveness and discoloration of the stucco, and can discern outlines of previous openings and windows.

I've eaten inside this restaurant, and I don't recall seeing anything peculiar with my untrained eye, but you can be sure I'll be looking more closely next time....! The two streetviews align almost perfectly: the position of the driveways, the entrance to the parking lot at the rear, even the fire hydrant location. The lines of the sidewalk where the man is walking also line up with the current view, off by maybe 2-3 degrees. I actually Photoshopped the angle of the curbs and overlayed the old photo with the new, and it lines up almost exactly....So, is part of the San Fernando still with us? I can't be sure, but I'm thinking yes, based on what I could see. I'm new at this so I'd like to hear any input and feedback, being a newbie and all!
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