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Originally Posted by MichaelRyerson View Post
e_r, you have a couple of shots of the old Sunset Hotel at 703 San Fernando (N. Spring) Street (NW corner of Ord) back when she had her turrets striped, probably before it was called the Sunset. Right next door (actually across the street, east side of San Fernando/N. Spring Street) you can see the less imposing brick San Fernando Hotel. Nice clear Pierce image, earliest of the Sunset and San Fernando I know of.
MR, thanks for the information on the Sunset Hotel & San Fernando Hotel. The two postcards are much more interesting with your help.

Also...I now know the two buildings that are looming in the background of these China City photographs.

The Sunset/Hill Hotel


The San Fernando Hotel


-note the back porch that we saw in MR's photograph looking west on Ord Street.

the complete postcard

one more


It looks like the huge CHINA CITY sign is on the roof of the San Fernando Hotel. (is it?)

I've always been a bit perplexed by the parameters of China City. Was it directly across the street from these two aging hotels, or are the photographs misleading? It would be great if someone could outline China City on this aerial.

google aerial

P.S. It's amazing that the Sunset/Hill Hotel might still exist as a one story building. -good sleuthing MichaelRyerson.

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