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The U.S. Court
Thanks MR. The stuff I've forgotten is now greater than the stuff I know.

Did "Seguro" build this in 1834? Something else I need to Google. (I have seen it labeled as both the Sepulveda Adobe and Downey House, which I guess it was in turn.)

Olvera used to hear County Court cases in his adobe. The Plaza really was the civic center.


"John G. Downey's Adobe (Townhouse)
North of Marchessault Street between Olvera Street and Bath Street (later North Main Street), Los Angeles. It faced the plaza on the north side. It was a large "L" shaped adobe that was owned by Pedro Seguro and used as a gambling house in the 1840s. Monte was the game of choice here. John G. Downey, a druggist, landowner, and one time Governor of California owned the adobe. Later, an Englishman, John Jones acquired the adobe. The Jones-Simpson family owned it for years. It was completed shrouded by trees."

And here it is in ca 1869 (center left), "completely shrouded by trees":

"Doria Deighton-Jones [John's wife] ordered the construction of the Jones and the Simpson-Jones buildings on the site of the family's adobe house on Olvera Street, which was torn down when Bath Street was widened and made an extension of Main Street. The former structure, built in [1844 by Pedro Seguro], was originally divided into five shops, housing at different times a cigar store, shooting gallery, machine shop, plumbing and tin shops and blacksmitheries. After Olvera Street became a Mexico-themed shopping and restaurant row in 1930, the main entryway was switched to the Olvera side—the entrance to the El Luz del Día restaurant.
The Simpson-Jones Building, constructed in 1894, has been altered to resemble a Mexican bank from "around 1960." The name honors the Joneses' daughter, Constance Jones Simpson, who inherited the property in 1908."

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