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Originally Posted by tovangar2 View Post


This part of W Hollywood, like many neighborhoods, has a particular look. The closeness and configuration of the hills in the view above was another clue. I first searched a block down from the Voltaire/Granville and, when it wasn't there, tried a block west, where I found it right away (I wish every mystery building was so easy to find). I should have looked to begin with instead of bugging you guys about it.

I'm totally on board with Irving Gill's search for a regional architecture, but Bryant's fantasy-historic buildings are so gracious, generous and beautifully-appointed that I fall for them every time in spite of myself:

Condo interior, The Colonial House (1930):

Thx, you always pick the best quotes.
Guys, I've just been catching up on the thread after a regrettably long absence, and I wanted to comment on Colonial House. My cousin has lived in this building for about 15 years, and as you can imagine it has been my pleasure to visit her there whenever possible. Her unit is a 3br/2ba, with a massive living room & dining room, plus an enclosed sunroom/conservatory leading to a small exterior patio.

The building still attracts its share of celebrity tenants, but the atmosphere is nicely relaxed. Interior detail of the units is as shown in the photo, with high ceilings & arched entryways (although no two layouts are the same). The building still has its original elevator, a very small, wood-paneled cab with brass fittings and a pull-to-open exterior door on each landing (the interior door is sliding).

The lobby atrium is marble-floored, but it's surprisingly small and low-key; this is no grand entrance. I suppose the apartments themselves were intended to be the draw.

And for perspective, note that Colonial House is a few lots down from the site of the Garden of Allah, highlighted here:

My aforementioned cousin has the book "The Garden of Allah" written by Sheilah Graham in 1970. According to my cousin, "Graham met F. Scott Fitzgerald there in Robert Benchley's apartment and had an affair with him for years. In the book, she talks about how people staying at the Garden used to walk around the corner to visit friends at the Colonial House."

Just a bit of "inside baseball" for you all.
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