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RE: Update Post #13868

I looked on Google, but could find no recent, or any other post-planting photos, of the Willow tree planted by Anna May Wong, in the L.A. China Town Plaza.

I did go to Google Maps/Sat-View, and clearly visiible, there is one large/mature tree in the image, just inside the East gate at approx. 921 N. Broadway. I am hopeful, this is that same 75 year old Willow.

Also, I did locate one additional photo of Ms. Wong, at that 1938 planting ceremony.

It is sad, that this gifted woman, was not allowed to realize/achieve her full potential in her craft; due to the culture of Hollywood at that time, as well as the culture and laws of our society, during that era.

It is hard to believe, that these children at the ceremony, would each be at least age 80 now; similarly, Ms. Wong would be 108, this year.



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