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Originally Posted by J_M_Tungsten View Post
Creating a "gay-friendly" hotel just sounds wrong to me. Does that mean other hotels do not like gay people or do gay people not feel comfortable being in a "regular" hotel? This just seems like unnecessary segregation based on sexual orientation. What if they build a "Hispanic-friendly" or Asian-friendly" hotel? Is that ok?

Ok, rant over, sorry for OT.
Chicago is a city filled with neighborhoods of segregation. Opening a "straight friendly" hotel in Boystown is awesome. Building a stronger community. It's no different than the Center on Halsted, gay focused or new senior housing development at Halsted & Addison, also geared towards LGBT seniors, or a gay bar for that matter. There are gay cruise ships, the list could go on and on…

By the way, its slated for the Sherwin Williams parking lot at 3300 N Halsted, Cocktail space would not be affected.
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