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Originally Posted by BifRayRock View Post
I would not place much reliance on this Monrovia advertisement, except for maybe its geographic spelling , but it raises a few other questions. Since it doesn't seem to specifically reference any Freeways, could it date to the late '40s? The estimated travel times are interesting too. They seem to be based on current Freeway speeds, but on what Freeways? This might be imaginable when leaving the city, e.g., to Palm Springs, San Diego or Big Bear, on roads unencumbered with stop signs and traffic - on Christmas Morning. Monrovia to Malibu in 90 minutes? Either all the traffic lights were synchronized years ago . . . or there were very few of them. Or maybe the times were optimistically based on drafting downhill express street cars .

From GSJansen post -

Circa '48

'49 Harbor Freeway Construction

Unfinished Foothill Freeway - undated

"Construction for the new Cahuenga Freeway causes a traffic jam in the pass, 1939"

Hollywood Freeway Construction - 1952

Hollywood Freeway Construction - 1953

1949 - Nearly completed Harbor Freeway - Four Level Interchange

1965 - Freeway in Santa Monica

1964 - Santa Monica Freeway under construction at La Cienega and Venice boulevards.

Above from this "Before Carmageddon" article:

Another article worth perusing is "When L.A. Was Empty: Wide-Open SoCal Landscapes."
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