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Ghost of the Mid-Century

Statler Hotel / Wilshire Grand

The Petroleum Club's Mid-Century mosaic mural found behind a false wall:

Detail of the heavy, and heavily textured, glass mosaic:

(includes a bit on Millard Sheets' mosaic work for Home Savings)

Statler / Wilshire Grand site in 1919 (complete with pentaglobe street lamp and what looks to be a gas station):

And the proposed replacement, the new Wilshire Grand (tallest tower on the West Coast):

All in 94 years.


Lol, BRR, I love the little devil bat that used to deliver Sister Aimee's bath water out at Lake Elsinore. What a cutie. Priceless:


Originally Posted by ProphetM View Post
I grew up in Fullerton until I was 16
I love Fullerton Station. The projecting wrought-iron lettering and curlicues throw such beautiful shadows.
Different every time one goes by on the train. What a gift:


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