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Miniature Golf noir?

WOW, when it comes to being an art deco gem and noir, it's hard to beat the Wilshire Links on La Cienega (Imagine the colors)


Wilshire facing East from La Cienega at night.

Miniature Golf was all the rage for a couple of years beginning in 1930. There were reportedly as many as 400 courses in the LA region! An interesting article describing the phenomenon and listing various locations can be found here:

The "wow" miniature course was owned by America's Sweetheart and was located at the SW quadrant of Wilshire and La Cienega. There must be an aerial of this area showing both the course and any nearby hazards? The night photo, above, shows Miracle Mile in its infancy. Very few lights, but what a glorious beginning. Another course was reportedly built at Wilshire and Fairfax in 1929 - a "Bob-o-Link." Surprised it hasn't shown up in the thread before. Also noteworthy is a possible course in a building basement, located at the southeast corner of 7th and Broadway. And another at 5937 Hollywood Blvd (Eskimo?).

Look closely at the last (colored) image and there is an oil derrick in the background. Could this be the same oil derrick that presented itself as a middle-of-the-road hazard at approximately La Cienega and Beverly?





Has anyone found a decent aerial image of the La Cienega Oil Well Hazard? It's not clear to me that the rig was at the mouth of the Beverly-LaCienega intersection, but that doesn't mean there weren't several from which to get confused. Shots of Beverly Kiddie Park seem to show derricks in the background, so they may have come and gone with the seasons. A close up from a related image shows a Richfield Station near the derrick selling gas at 8 cents per gallon. The '32 directory lists so many Richfield Stations, bet it's there!

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