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My Gun is Quick, 1957

Speaking of screen grabs of 3rd and Olive, gsjansen posted a couple of screenshots from "My Gun is Quick" (1957), a Mike Hammer outing, a year or two back:
Here's a few more of my faves with Bunker Hill contrasting nicely with mid-century modern LA. It seemed all of a piece to me back then.

(All below from MGM/UA via netflix):

Mean streets:

Hillcrest Hotel:

Trouble on Clay Street:

Going down:

"Unconcerned but not disinterested":

Did the Frenchman defenestrate himself or was he pushed?:

Everybody drives a Ford:

3rd & Olive:

Tailing the perp:

Hugging the curve:

Taking the Harbor:

Closing the gap:

Hitting the beach:

Down at the docks:

Outside "Immigration":

The bad guy's glam digs:

"LAPD HQ" (old Parker Center, 150 Los Angeles Street)

Lobby card with a bit of highly suggestive imagery:

If anyone hasn't seen it, the whole thing's on YouTube:

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