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Originally Posted by BifRayRock View Post

The ghost of Dr. Brinkley... (as I post this, I wonder if we've seen this before...anyway...)


I became curious about Dr. L. A. Brinkley and his signs...not much turned up on him--but I did find more info on Dr. John R. Brinkley, discovered by BRR in connection with goat-nutter Dr. Wheeler (see prior post here). Here's a bit more of his story, excerpted from Wikipedia (boldface is mine):

"In 1922, Brinkley traveled to Los Angeles at the invitation of Harry Chandler, owner of the Los Angeles Times, who challenged Brinkley to transplant goat testicles into one of his editors. If the operation was a success, Chandler wrote, he would make Brinkley the 'most famous surgeon in America,' and if not then he should consider himself 'damned.' California didn't recognize Brinkley's license to practice medicine from the Eclectic Medical University, but Chandler pulled some strings and got him a 30-day permit. The operation was judged a success, and Brinkley received his promised attention in Chandler's paper, which sent many new customers Brinkley's way, including some Hollywood film stars. Brinkley was so taken with the city—and all the money it represented in the form of potential patients—that he began making plans to relocate his clinic there. But his hopes were dashed when the California medical board denied his application for a permanent license to practice medicine, having found his resume 'riddled with lies and discrepancies'.... Brinkley returned to Kansas.... Brinkley's activities inspired the film industry term 'goat gland' — the grafting of talkie sequences onto silent films to make them marketable."

Gotta love 'ole Harry making one of his editors a guinea pig...
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