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Originally Posted by GaylordWilshire View Post
Speaking of the intersection as a constant vortex of change... while looking for a picture showing what might have been atop the smaller pole in BifRayRock's top shot above, I came across a view showing the Hancock lot empty, 3173 still standing, and 3143 replaced by a commercial building (for reference, see post 12298):


The northwest corner in the beginning stages of demolition, ca. 1928. The house once belonged to L.A. muckety-muck J.F. Burkhard:


If the billboard reminded you that you need to plan your trip to Washington, here's the schedule... 7 hours, 25 minutes by piston power:

Airline Timetables

More views Wilshire/Vermont area homes, circa '28.

This stretch of Wilshire truly was impressive (to me). Reminiscent of Orange Grove Blvd. in Pasadena (e.g., Wrigley Mansion without a gland transplant)

In no particular order. (West to East: S. New Hampshire > Vermont > Shatto > Westmoreland > Wilshire Place > Virgil)

1. Wilshire Place and Wilshire




3. "Wilshire east from Vermont."


4. Shatto and Wilshire

Shake Shatto and Rolls (Royce).


5. The Hancock mansion adjoined by the World Famous Gland Specialist's abode (Vermont and Wilshire)

USC Digital






8. Wilshire and Westmoreland (Pre Bullocks Wilshire?)


9. Signs indicate Virgil and Wilshire


10. North side of Wilshire, between Virgil and Wilshire Place.

Dana Point Sales Office

ALL (chopped up or otherwise) from USC Digital

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