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Originally Posted by Godzilla View Post
Wilshire and Fairfax, Circa '29 revisited. Looking east x northeast.

All from USC Digital
Keeping an eye peeled for the Moscow Inn and noticed its one-time-neighbor "La Boheme" on Sunset (1929-33). (Later known as the Trocadero and not to be confused with the Boheme on Santa Monica.) This fits with the 1929 "Amusement" map. According to some sources, La Boheme offered more than just dining and dancing. Just ask the cabbie reading the paper. (He probably knows all about the "Cuckoo Clock" on Beverly Blvd and the Moscow Inn!)

"8610" Sunset Blvd??
USC Digital

Circa 1935 - The Trocadero

1934 - Deputy Sheriffs with "amusement" devices seized from the likes of the Old Colony Club, the Clover Club and the Cafe La Boheme.

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