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Reply: Ocean View Ave.

Ethereal Reality, thanks for the post of the late 1800's photos that show Ocean Ave!

I never made the connection that the long broad hill with the Victorian homes was Ocean View Ave. This makes me want to go back up there to see if I can find remnants/ clues of homes from the late 1890's.

Your reply inspired me to do some searching of my files. I found this photo from USC digital I had saved 8 years ago and it has Ocean View Ave. And I can make out the Onion Dome building, the brick apartment building from Coronado Ave, and the Craftsman House from my original post. (

USC Digital Archives

Here is the detail with the onion dome apt and craftsman labeled. Notice the oil wells at the top of the hill.

USC Digital Archives (detail)

ER, this photo you posted... that lady in the middle with that AMAZING hat gets mad props for being so proper!


And as I am writing this, I just found this photo. It is even older than the other one and the hill top appears to have more oil wells.

LAPL Digital Photo Collection
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