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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post

"Looking east from High School 1867. First Episcopal Church."

This is the first time I've seen the First Episcopal Church from this angle (the back). I am pretty sure there is a photograph of the front
of the church earlier in the thread. (I'm still searching)
It looks like St. Athanasius Episcopal Church. It was the first Protestant church built in LA and was located at the SW corner of Temple and New High.

This must be looking west on Temple (undated by LAPL; USC says 1874):


According to LAPL's caption, this picture dates to 187_ and that's Rev. & Mrs. Messenger standing in the doorway, but see below:


USC ( dates the bottom pic at 1864 and includes the original handwritten caption,
which seems to refer to "Rev. Mr. Messenger" only (no spouse).
St. Athanasius ( dates the bottom pic at 1865.
San Gabriel Cemetery ( says Henry Messenger was in charge of St. Athanasius from 1866-68, so
maybe that's the final word on the bottom pic's date? Perhaps the church initially couldn't afford the front window and 2nd door.

# # #

In 1883, the building became the LA County Assessor's Office:


Here's the building in 1891, shortly before its demise, with the still-clockless County Courthouse in the background:

Paradise Leased (http://paradiseleased.files.wordpres...jjr6555acp.jpg)

According to Paradise Leased, the original 1860s-era bell from St. Athanasius lives on at the Church of the Epiphany at 2808 Altura Street
in Lincoln Heights.

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